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Sometimes, life will take us places that look so eerily familiar to places we have stood before we will become convinced we are about to relive the events of times past. No matter how many years have gone by, no matter how different the circumstances, no matter what we know to be true now, the enemy will creep in and whisper loudly, reminding us of the destruction that came then. If we are not careful – when we find ourselves standing in those places – to tune in to the voice of our Maker who has promised good to us, we will turn our ear toward that voice of doubt and fear. As we wait with bated breath, we will do so with dread and angst instead of hope and faith.

Sitting across from a young bride-to-be recently who had come to me for advice when she heard I married in college, I heard myself say words I never dreamed I would say – and certainly not now, when ministry is literally my job.

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