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What if ????

Individually there was a change that began several years ago deep within in our souls that slowly worked its way to the surface. As we spent time together, this change, this shift in our thinking, this uncomfortable feeling of there has to be more became a burning question for all of us. What if?

What if we could do ministry differently?

What if we could be a community of ordinary folks who reflected both the personality and purpose of Jesus? What if we quit simply meeting and started moving? What if we could make a difference in the lives of those around us and not just conduct services? What if we offered a safe place to ask questions, have doubts, and be honest about our weaknesses?

What if we were focused outside the walls instead of inside the walls? What if we were intentional about the family, men, and the millennial? What if we could build a ministry of people being ministry, not staff being a ministry?  What if we were unwavering in reaching the unchurched, not just those who already believe?

What if we constantly asked ourselves, “Is there a better way?”

What if ????

It would be truthful, messy, full of grace, personal, relational, mistake prone, loving, opportunistic, spirit led, giving our lives away focused.

Bowling Green doesn’t need just another ministry. It needs a different kind of ministry. It needs a ministry so different to others that they actually would want to be around us and to know the God of all creation.


Sometimes I look at my life and think, “How did I get here?” The path that took me from being a wild and arrogant teen in Murray, KY to standing in front of folks sharing God’s Word proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Lord is forgiving, gracious, and can use anyone who will yield to His leading. I love His Word and love sharing it with others. But more than that, I love when others come to know the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and the Sabbath rest  (Hebrews 4:9) that comes when you live by His life. There is truly nothing better.

Tim Brown

Women's & Next Generation Coordinator

The road that lead me to this place has been long and winding. My journey with the Lord began over twenty years ago when I gave my life to Christ right here on Western’s campus. My husband, Matt, and I married as college students and God has had us on the most amazing ride every day since. We have truly seen good times and bad, tremendous sorrow and unspeakable joy. God has been faithful to us every step of the way and I cannot keep quiet about Him. I am passionate about studying the word with other women and doing my part to do whatever I can to equip the next generation with God’s life changing truths as they recognize the power they have in Him. It is my deepest desire to use everything He has given me and every last page of my story to give my Father glory. In the words of the prophet Jeremiah, “But if I say, “I will not remember Him or speak anymore in His name,” then in my heart it becomes like a burning fire shut up in my bones; and I am weary of holding it in, and I cannot endure it.”

Emily Cassetty
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