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Our church is driven by a single, clear vision and mission we believe God has given to us. Our approach to accomplishing this vision and mission is guided by core values that inform all of our decisions. If any of these things ceased to be true of us, we would no longer be the church we were created to be.

Our Strategy

To create environments where people feel safe, loved, encouraged and equipped to pursue intimacy with God, community with everyone, and influence with those far from Jesus.

Our Mission

To change the way people view the church and inspire them to follow Jesus.

Our Manifesto


Those who don’t know Jesus matter the most. We want to reach people no one is reaching, so we will do things no one else is willing to do.   Church isn’t a place or a noun.   Church is an action verb and we are the church.


Missing opportunities is worse than making mistakes.  We are willing to do anything that points people to Jesus.   There are ways of doing church that no one has thought of yet.


To be known for what we are FOR instead of what we’re against.   We want to meet people in the natural rhythms of their lives.  Like Jesus, we want to love people when they least expect it and least deserve it.


Like it depends on God, and work like it depends on us.   We want to be remarkable at The Great Commandment and The Great Commission.  We strive to make the name of Jesus relevant and famous in our generation.


In the next generation because we believe their faith is worth anything and everything.  We will give our lives away by being irrationally generous.  Giving is not something we do, generous is who we are.


A safe place where love and truth meet.

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