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We believe in a big God. We believe in a big God who wants to spend time in conversation with us. We also believe in a big God who commands us to care and love for others. We not only show that care and love in physical ways but in prayer as well. We would be honored to have the privilege of praying for you and any concerns you would like to share with us.

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Pray for Others

  • Stout Family

    Please pray for peace and comfort to the Stout family who lost their father on Saturday.

  • Prayers needed

    Please pray for my Mom! The Oncologist gave her a choice to do Chemo and radiation to possibly live longer or no treatments and the Doctor said she has only about 6 months to live with her colon cancer that has spread. She is a strong Christian but my family and I are asking for prayers so she won’t suffer. Thank you and God Bless each and every one of you!!!

  • Pray for Briggs family

    Please pray for the Briggs family, as Jimmy Briggs lost his battle with cancer yesterday morning. Lift up his wife and daughters as well as his family during this difficult time. Jimmy was the COO of Clark Bev Group, and was a terrific leader, role model, and a great man, and he will be dearly missed. TIA

  • Direction, Clarity and Healing

    Please pray for a mother named Jay Cosby who buried a son and her youngest son Jamal is going through the stage of depression & anxiety for the entire family and peace comfort for those who mourn for him.

    For myself, of more hours on the job or a new job for the provision of my needs. Clarity to hears God's voice of affirmation and validation in His word and promises for me.

  • Mrs.

    Please say a Prayer for strength and motivation to continue on what feels like the longest of roads ahead. I think I’ve reached a point of not knowing really what to Pray or what to ask for prayer for. Just a never ending tough Season.

  • Death of Friend

    Last night/early this morning, I received news that a young man (who I used to babysit and who is the son of family friends) passed away tragically in a single vehicle accident on his way home. He was 20 years old. His name is Brandon Brown.

    Pray for his parents, Tricia and Ian Brown and his brothers Sjon-Paul, Ryan, and Braxton. Pray they feel the Lord's presence and comfort.

    Brandon knew the Lord and his family does as well.

  • Miscarriage

    Please pray for a dear sweet young lady who has lost her baby in the early weeks of pregnancy.

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