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We believe in a big God. We believe in a big God who wants to spend time in conversation with us. We also believe in a big God who commands us to care and love for others. We not only show that care and love in physical ways but in prayer as well. We would be honored to have the privilege of praying for you and any concerns you would like to share with us.

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Pray for Others

  • Brother

    Please pray for my brother Cameron. He has some struggles in his life.

  • Relationship with Mom

    Could you please pray that I find some type of better relationships between me and my mom.

  • E. Holderman

    Prays for my friend EH. She has been put in hospital until baby arrives. Blood flow complications. Please pray for her as well as baby W.

  • Daughter

    My daughter's recent scoliosis diagnosis. Dad's kidney function -He only has 1 and it's working at 20% capacity.

  • Husband

    My husband will be getting out of the army in July. Please pray for God's perfect provision for good employment as a civilian in the Bowling Green area. We just moved here a few months ago in anticipation of making BG our home after his separation from the military.

  • B. Fox

    Please lift up B. F. - his cancer has returned and is inoperable and untreatable. Pray for his family as they battle through this trying time.

  • Friends loss

    Prayers for Nicole M. and her family in the sudden loss of her father this weekend.

  • Grandmother

    Grandmother to continue to gain strength after pneumonia and that the pneumonia would not reoccur.

  • Pregnancy

    Praying for a healthy baby to be delivered soon.

  • Stroke

    Praying for friend recovering from stroke.

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