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We believe in a big God. We believe in a big God who wants to spend time in conversation with us. We also believe in a big God who commands us to care and love for others. We not only show that care and love in physical ways but in prayer as well. We would be honored to have the privilege of praying for you and any concerns you would like to share with us.

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Pray for Others

  • Peace of mind and praise in this storm

    Seeking to raise $400 for rent by next Friday. If not, God will receive the glory if I move back home to TN much sooner.

  • Prayer needs

    That I may stay on the right track and doors will open for me to be able to begin getting my son back. That I may do God's will in my life and he helps me to remove my shortcomings. Watch over my friends and family. Thank you!

  • Prayers for summer

    I would greatly appreciate if if you all would pray with me that I stay firm in my faith while I'm home for the summer.

  • Salvation

    A young boy I mentor is seeking the Lord's forgiveness. Pray the Lord will continue to move in his young heart and reveal Himself to him. The boy understands he is a sinner and knows the Lord took His place on the cross, but the Lord is still working on him. The boy is even praying the Lord will open his heart and said he would maybe like to talk to his pastor if I would go to church with him one day. Also please pray the Lord will give me more opportunities to share the Gospel with him and his family and discernment on the times to approach him again about it.

  • Prayer needs

    Please pray that I stay on the right path. That I never forget to cling to God and put Him first. That I'm able to do his will and find employment so I can have my son back with me. Watch over my friends and family.

  • Prayer request

    * vehicle repair or new vehicle
    *stepbrother kidney issues
    *best friend manic depressive brother *K

  • Grad School

    Due to a clerical error I was rejected from a grad degree I am qualified for and worked hard for. The program director and the profs I've had are working to get me in but I am still devastated. Please pray for me in the appeal process.

  • Hip surgery

    Please pray for Andrew's hip replacement surgery. He is home now and starting physical therapy. Please pray for healing.

  • Family

    Please pray for my grandmothers health so she may continue to live a happy, painless life.
    Pray for my brothers addictions to drugs and alcohol to transform into a relationship with God.
    Pray over my friend "S" to overcome a recent DUI that has left him broken.
    Pray for "SS" health so that he may continue to live and love the life around him. Thank you.

  • Need God's clarity

    Need God's clarity in direction to move from where I am to where He wants me to be in the following areas:
    *employment: stay where I am or be somewhere else
    *where we live: sell house & rent or keep house
    *getting out of debt: what of the above or other things I am to do to accomplish this
    *guidance/discipline of son and his choices

    Prayer for rest, peace, health through out these changes

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